How I prepared for Salesforce certified app builder exam

by :arpit vijayvergiya 


salesforce certified platform app builder

Hi All,

On 31st August 2018 I cleared Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification exam. And as soon I posted on social media I started to get question regarding the preparation that how I prepared, So finally I am writing my all the steps I took for this certification. Before starting I would like say a big thanks to my collegues and mentors(Aslam Bari , Ranu Bari , Naveen Soni) for motivating and guiding me for this exam.

When I decided for App builder exam, I got a very first question asked from my friends that, you are a developer then why you are going for this certification. You must go for Platform Developer2.So here is answer for all.

As we all know salesforce provides so many out of the box No Code  tools, using them we can complete so many business requirements.We do not need to write a single line of code. So being a developer I should be having knowledge about these tools,becasuse it can save my efforts and increase my work efficiancy, and I was having that much knowledge. Then Why should not I appear in exam and get my skills certified from the salesforce. It was not wasting money/time. It was an investment so I did it.

So let’s start talking about exam. I took around 25 to 30 Hours in preparation of exam.

First of all I took a deep review of official exam guide, and analysis about which section cover higher ratio of question in exam and how much I am confident in that. So if you see the exam guide you will see that these are the topic which covers more then 70% of exam. And to clear exam you need only 63%.

Data Modeling And Management(20%)


Business Logic And Process Automation(27%)

User Interface (14%)

You need to focus more on these topics. Most the question for these topics will be scenario based question. While answering the question remind the consideration for every option. It will help you to eliminate the answer so you can select the right answers.

There are some another topic also

Salesforce fundamentals(8%) : In this section very basic questions would be there, Such as a scenario will be given and you need to identify that should you search for a solution on appexchange.

Social (3%): 1 or 2 question would be in exam.

Reporting(5%): Read about the report types and standard reports available. Which reports are available for chart.

Mobile(5%): Read about the customize saleforce mobile app. Such as navigation, buttons on detail page etc.

App Devlopment(8%): Difference between managed and unmanaged package, when to use change set and when to use other migration tools.

Here are some other steps which I took.

  • I also used an mobile app cram which was suggested by one of my Salesforce Ohana friend Bharat Kumar. On this app you will find flash cards , which are helpful for revising the topics. I used to do practice on this app before going to bed. And it was really helpful. I would like to say a big thank to Bharat for letting me know about this app.


Let me know your suggestions in comment section.

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