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Hi All,

I have created an Salesforce app for App Exchange  for Mass Email, This app is used to send mass emails to Standard/Custom Objects in which Email field exist. You can also set filters on records and customize your columns here. Also, can select recipient type, and email template. Send emails NOW or in FUTURE.

  • Mass Email to any Standard/Custom object in which Email field exist. Easy to use and user friendly process.
  • Provide Customization filters, Email Template, Recipient Type. Customize columns and search experience as well.
  • We can schedule sending email either on-spot or in future.

Lightning design used and would be beneficial for developers and admins to send emails in bulk, also they can select filters on records and customize columns to see values. You can select recipients of mails i.e. Owner, email field etc. Also can select email template, and can see preview of email template, using separate folders. Also, can start sending emails NOW or in FUTURE, can select Date and Time here, also provide name of Mass Email. If you use Schedule for future, then will set scheduler for given time.

Step+2+ +setting
Step+2+ +Select+Filter
Step+2+ +Customize+Columns
Step+3+ +Select+Records
Step+ +4
Step+5+ +Select+Email+Template

You can download from Appexchange :

Install this app into your org and let me know for more enhancements or drawbacks, i am looking forward to provide you usable product. Please provide Rating also.

You can provide your feedback on my email 


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