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Hi Guys,

Me and my friend Akhil Mandiya developed an extension “Quick access and Backup” for salesforce users/developers.

By using Quick access and backup salesforce user can easily access the component and take backup quickly.
This extension enables three major features:
1. Quick-Backup while coding: It will provide a context menu “Download File” option on Visualforce Pages, Apex Class, Visualforce component, and trigger. By this option, you can take backup of these components while writing code or viewing code.

2. Quick-Access: Here you can search and jump to a particular Apex Class, VisualForce Page, Apex trigger, Workflow and Email- templet also you can take backup of that component.

3. Backup: It provides the list of pages, components, triggers, and classes from your org. Here the user can select the components and download.

Please download by clicking below link and share your feedback:

Thanks and regards
Rohit Sethi

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