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Pardot is a marketing automation tool that facilitates customer engagement, sale closing, and relationship building for businesses. With Salesforce Pardot, businesses can use tailored and dynamic campaigns to interact with customers on their terms. Every campaign is managed and automated, material is published, results are analyzed, and optimization is done continuously. Pardot provides CRM data about one-to-one customer journeys to assist your lead nurturing and scoring process. It also helps you plan the next step using predictive intelligence to finish sales. iBirds uses Salesforce Pardot to handle and coordinate your business-to-business transactions. We make sure that the leads you generate are modified in the most efficient manner possible so that you may financially close sales leads.


Our offerings

The most crucial thing you can do to guarantee long-term success is to implement Pardot! As a Pardot partner, iBirds assists organizations in setting up Salesforce Pardot so they can provide quantifiable outcomes and stay informed about industry best practices.


Pardot Implementation

We first identify and outline the automation process of the relevant organization before implementing Salesforce Pardot. The ownership marketing automation tool's context is then examined, and we assist you in bringing your internal teams into alignment and educating you on the potential technical difficulties with Pardot deployment. We begin deploying Pardot after making notes on ownership, departments, and difficulties.


Email Promotion

Email marketing is one of the B2B automated marketing services included in Salesforce Pardot. Customers can be informed about an organization's newest products and deals with email marketing. With Pardot, you can easily create elegant and professional email templates. You may develop a responsive template with Salesforce Pardot, which offers customization options and formatting capabilities.


Improvements for Social Media

Salesforce Pardot offers several benefits through its implementation. You can post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook with Pardot. The social media upgrades are simple to utilize, and the post's images render wonderfully. improvements that let you monitor how your postings are being viewed, including likes, retweets, and reasons for failure.



As your Pardot Implementation partner we make sure at our end that our clients are well adapted to the Salesforce Pardot environment. In our training, we guide the organization’s stakeholder or the team that will be using the tool about how they can analyze their performance and make forecasts accordingly. We provide you with admin & marketing user training.



Miscommunications between Sales And Marketing

Salesforce Pardot can streamline the process of passing marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) to prospects. Marketing teams then can engage in delivering content that is engagement driving and will be helpful for supporting sales.


Visibility into Prospect’s Activity

By implementing Salesforce Pardot, one gets marketing insights as to the prospect’s specific activity and engagement with the email; from what links were clicked to whether the prospect landed on the website.


Accurate Information Deliverance

Implementation of Pardot allows your marketing team to craft accurate and effective email templates that can be utilized by your organization’s sales team. Pardot email templates are reusable email designs that you can base new emails on , this not only gives you easy path to implement your plan but is also a time saving feature.


Continuing Customer Relationships Post-sale

The relationship of your sales team should not end after the closure of deal. The sales reps of an organization's need to nurture the existing customers along with interacting with other leads. One can achieve that by using social media enhancement provided by Salesforce Pardot and also via email marketing.

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