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We, at iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd., have been a trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner since 2008, specializing in Salesforce implementation services. Our proactive approach and commitment to excellence differentiate us. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs, crafting detailed plans that encompass CRM customization, seamless integration, and effective budget management. Our aim is to deliver immediate value and empower your Salesforce proficiency, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-based CRM solutions.


Business Efficiency

Streamlines processes and automates tasks, boosting productivity.


Customer Insights

Gain deep insights with detailed analytics, real-time data from Salesforce.


Customizable Solutions

Or adapts to your needs and scales with your business growth.


How Salesforce Implementation Can Benefit You?

Implementing Salesforce offers clear benefits. Businesses experience a 25% boost in productivity and a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. Team collaboration improves by 40%, and 75% of users find it easy to scale their CRM. With 90% of businesses customizing the platform to fit their needs, Salesforce proves to be a versatile and effective solution and benefits you in:

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows to save time and increase efficiency. Focus on what really matters and get more done every day.

Access detailed data and powerful analytics to understand your customers better. Make smarter decisions and deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty.

Centralize your data and enhance communication. Keep everyone on the same page, collaborate seamlessly, and work together more effectively.

Grow your business with a CRM that scales with you. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Salesforce adapts to your needs without the hassle of frequent system changes.

Tailor Salesforce to your unique business processes. Create custom workflows and integrate with other tools to ensure everything works just the way you want.

Salesforce Products We Implement

Our salesforce implementation services are built on a strong understanding of Salesforce and what it can do. We offer a broad range of Salesforce solutions, such as:

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Optimize sales operations and improve lead management for higher conversion rates.

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Automate marketing campaigns to nurture leads and drive better engagement.

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Effortlessly deploy, manage, and scale apps with seamless system integration.

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Connect apps, data, and devices to enhance business agility and streamline processes.

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Personalize customer experiences and maximize ROI through strategic marketing.

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Enhance customer service management for faster and more efficient issue resolution.

Why Choose Us

We Implement to Build Future-Ready Businesses

At iBirds Software Pvt. Ltd., our commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach set us apart. Here’s why partnering with us ensures success:


Proven Expertise

We are a Salesforce Consulting Partner with a track record of delivering reliable solutions since 2008. Our experience spans over 15 years in IT, with 2000+ successful projects.


Certified Professionals

Our team comprises over 170 certified professionals skilled in Salesforce and other technologies, ensuring high-quality, tailored solutions.


Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding your unique needs, involving your team in the implementation process, and focusing on long-term benefits and trust.

250 +
Happy Clients
2000 +
Projects Done
170 +
Expert People
2000 +
Working Process

Our Salesforce Implementation Process - How We Works



We analyze your needs and craft a tailored implementation plan.



After that, we seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your existing systems and migrate your data.



Then, we modify and configure Salesforce to meet your specific requirements.


Training & Launch

Finally, we provide comprehensive training and launch your customized Salesforce solution.

Other Services

We Are Offering All Kinds of Salesforce Services


Salesforce Consulting Services

Maximize Salesforce benefits through strategic planning, optimization, change management, and performance monitoring. Align CRM strategy with business goals for enhanced efficiency.

We maximize Salesforce benefits through strategic planning, process optimization, change management, and performance monitoring. Align your CRM strategy with business goals for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.


Salesforce Support Services

We ensure smooth operation with comprehensive technical support, proactive system maintenance, expert user assistance, and tailored customization. Keep Salesforce running optimally to meet evolving business needs.

We ensure smooth operation with comprehensive technical support, proactive system maintenance, expert user assistance, and tailored customization. Keep Salesforce running optimally to meet evolving business needs.

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Salesforce Lightning Migration

Seamlessly transition to Salesforce Lightning for enhanced CRM capabilities. Includes assessment, planning, migration, and training for improved productivity.

Transition seamlessly to Salesforce Lightning to enhance CRM capabilities. Our services include thorough assessment, strategic planning, meticulous migration, and comprehensive training for a smooth transition and improved productivity.


Salesforce Integration Services

Integrate Salesforce with existing systems for enhanced data flow and efficiency. Tailored solutions ensure synchronized data and sustained performance.

We integrate Salesforce seamlessly with your existing systems to enhance data flow and operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions ensure synchronized data across platforms, supported by ongoing maintenance and optimization for sustained performance.


Salesforce QuickStart Services

Rapid deployment tailored to your business needs. Configure Salesforce quickly, provide essential training, and offer ongoing support for optimized CRM utilization.

We offer rapid deployment tailored to your specific business needs. Configure Salesforce quickly, provide essential training, and offer ongoing support to optimize CRM utilization from day one.


Do You Have Any Questions?

At iBirds Software Pvt. Ltd., we offer a wide range of Salesforce implementation services. These include customization, integration, data migration, testing, user trainingand ongoing support and maintenance.

We work closely with you to understand your business goals and needs. Then, we create a detailed strategy. This includes customizations, integrations, timelines, and budgeting. Our certified Salesforce experts tailor the platform to fit your specific needs.

Our data migration process starts with analyzing and structuring the legacy data. We map data fields from the old system to Salesforce. Then, we use ETL tools to move the data over. Finally, we test the data to make sure it’s accurate and complete.

We offer thorough user training to help your team use Salesforce effectively. We have interactive sessions for different roles and skill levels. Plus, we provide ongoing technical support and monitoring to keep your Salesforce implementation running smoothly.

Yes, our team is skilled in integrating Salesforce with many third-party apps. This includes CRMs, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, marketing automation tools, and more. We ensure data flows smoothly across all systems.

We’re a top Salesforce Consulting Partner known for our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions. Our certified Salesforce experts focus on customer-centric consulting. This helps unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment.


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