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We all know that world is changing faster than we can think. There are lots of new technologies which are emerging and used in daily life. This is new era where things are becoming smarter. 

Einstein chatbot is one of them, before configuring the Einstein chatbot, the first question which comes in our mind is,

What’s the chatbot?

Chatbot is an automated computer program that holds a conversation with a person via written communications, with the aim of helping that person achieve a desired result. This is very complex definition of chatbot. In simple words, Chatbot is a technology in which a person can chat with computer instead of human, conversation looks like a human chat that can help you to achieve your aim.

Another question arises here, why we need chatbots?

Here are few reasons we need chatbots

1. 24/7 Availability

    Chatbots are never going to leave your office. They are available 24/7 to interact with your customers.

2. Immediate Response

    Chatbot response time is very fast. They can immediately reply to the questions and provide solutions for their queries, which provide higher customer satisfaction.

     3.    Scalability

     A customer care executive can talk with one person at a time. So, if we have lots of customers than we need more executives, which means more money.

Chatbot can chat with multiple customers at the same time.

It comes with scalability feature, so you can scale your customer service at any level you want.

    4.    Cost Effective

     Instead of increasing your customer care staff, you can save lot of money by using chatbots.

The infrastructure that your bot needs to work is already there, and it’sFREE thanks to messenger services likeFacebook, Einstein Chatbot.

    5.    People prefer chat instead of call

   In today’s world, people are more addicted to the messenger service instead of calling, reason behind this it helps them to do multi-tasking at the same time.

Now we are familiar with chatbots and why we need them.

Einstein Chatbot

In market several bots are available like Microsoft Bot Platform, Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow, Alibaba Intelligent Service Robot, and many more.

Einstein Chatbot is different from those bots, they are fully integrated with salesforce platform. They can access the salesforce data and can transfer conversation to the real live agent without any integration.

Chatbots can configured using wizard-based interface instead of code. It also has functionality to invoke Apex methods when we need them.


Setup Einstein Chatbot in your salesforce org

It requires to two licenses

  • ·       Service Cloud license
  • ·       Live Agent license

By following these easy you can setup Einstein bot in your org-

Step 1. Enable Live User agent

Setup | Live Agent Settings | Enable


Step 2. Switch to lightning experience

In this step, first enable the Einstein Chatbot

Setup | Einstein Bots | Settings | Einstein Bot


After that, go to the deployment channels and enable the live agent

Setup | Einstein Bots | Settings | Deployment Channels


Step 3. Einstein AI. Key Management and Permission set

After completing 2 steps, behind the scenes a new account is established on Einstein Platform Services. This is required because Einstein Bots needs to call into the Einstein Platform Services for NLP-related tasks. You will receive an email shortly after enabling Einstein Bots to let you know the account has been created.


Click on production users and setup the self-signed certificate. If you don’t have certificate you have to create one.

Setup | Security | Certificate and Key Management | create a Self-Signed Certificate


Another things happen behind the scenes, an permission set sfdc.chatbot.service.permset is generated inside org. This permission set controls the objects, apex classes which are being used by the chat bot.


Step 4. Create an Einstein Bot

Setup | Einstein Bots | click New

It opens an wizard to setup the Einstein bot. It will walk you through a few screens to gather basic information about this bot, including bot name, greeting message, and main menu options.




After completing the wizard, your bot is created.

Step 5. Setup Live Agent

     a)   Create Skill

     Setup | Live Agent | Skill | New 


b)   Create Chat Button

    Setup | Live Agent | Chat Button and Automated Invitations | New


   c)  If you have setup Live Agent chat button before, you notice there is new Einstein Bot settings section.


Edit and set the Einstein Bots Configuration to the new bot we just built. When this attribute is populated and pointed to an active bot, chat users will be connected to our bot first, instead of going to an agent directly.

Step 6. Add a Snap In Deployment for Preview

Einstein Bot preview function uses the Snap In chat component to load.
For Setting Up the Snap In Deployment it require site or community. Also setup the community or site. I also setup the Demo Community.

Setup | Channels | Snap Ins | New Deployment


You should notice the process of setting up a Snap-in Chat deployment is the exactly the same with or without an Einstein Bot

Step 7. Preview your bot

Now your basic bot is ready. For preview the bot you have activate it first.



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